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The smartest way to manage your fleet

Intelligent Fleet & Fuel Management Solutions

Our Story

Founded in 2011, Strada Track was born out of the need to empower transportation companies with a full        Fleet Tracking and Management  Solution. Our centralized platform enables you to optimize your operations, gain valuable knowledge and insight and improve safety. By taking full control under one platform you gain unparalleled intelligence by connecting data, tools, people and processes.

Our Vision

To equip and empower the transport industry leaders, with telematics  and data to simplify and improve fleet performance and operations for the benefit of management and ROI.

By offering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, we hope to optimize employee and overall operational performances.

Our Technology

Our future proof tracking platform provides real-time tracking and fleet management to empower your business. You always have real-time information for every vehicle in your fleet with access to setting up alerts and notifications, geofences and events that will help automate your business. Each output uses your custom business rules that allow you to make informed decisions.

Who are we


Road roller Track
Fleet of Trucks

Be in charge of your vehicles & assets

It is a known fact that commercial trucks and trailers carrying high priced commodities are the top targets for vehicle thieves. Unfortunately, there has been a significant rise of commodity theft on the roads over the last couple of years.  Theft of our economic wealth can cause revenue loss, higher insurance premiums, business interruptions, and most importantly injuries or loss of life.

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Fuel Tank Monitoring Solution

               Fuel tank monitoring allows you to:

  • measure precise volumes of fuel tank refill.

  • Detect fuel siphoning from the fuel tank.

  • Prevent fuel theft from the tank (e.g., underfilling or siphoning);

  • Reveal fuel mixing with extraneous liquids (e.g., waste oil).

  • Compare the fuel quality of different suppliers/gas stations.

  • Indirectly define fuel consumption.

  • Schedule supply tank refill of stationary engine.

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Real-Time Tracking

Always get real-time location of your vehicles

  • 360° fleet view.                                                     Know what's going on with the full fleet at a glance.

  • Individual vehicle status.                                  Drill down to the vehicle level for more details.

  • Event rules.                                                         Easy to set up event rules for real-time compliance checks.

  • Customizable data display.                     Showcase the most critical data for each user.

  • Multiple workspaces.                              Customize the layout for each job function.

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Powerful Reporting

Better Data Equals Better Decisions

Our powerful report generators help fleet managers run smarter operations. You can create overview reports, analyze trends, and get detailed single-vehicle reports.

  • Unlimited historical data.                                      Analyze the fleet's life rather than just the last few weeks.

  • One-click reports.                                                           Save setup time by using our suite of standard reports.

  • Custom reports.                                                            Display data exactly the way your customers need it.

  • Scheduled delivery.                                                         Get reports in your inbox once a week. Or once a month. Or twice an hour!

How it works

Now Offering


The World’s Most Intelligent Driver Monitoring Technology

Stay connected to your fleet with real-time video telematics and see what drivers are doing with the "Look-In" feature, that provides both in-cab and road facing footage.

JDB Motors - Kitwe

"All in one tracking solution with service backup"

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