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Now providing Video Telematics for Operational Efficiency

Stay connected to your fleet with real-time video telematics and see what drivers are doing with the "Look-In" feature, that provides both in-cab and road facing footage.

The World’s Most Intelligent Driver
Monitoring Technology now available at

Strada Track

With the use of Artificial Intelligence technology,  human driving behavior  can be identified to save lives and improve driver performance

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The only Artificial Iintelligent vision technology system for driver assistance to exceed 90% accuracy now available for you to purchase as an add-on at StradaTrack

Facial Recognition


After the camera creates a database of driver templates, it matches the faces captured at the time of ignition. A video event is triggered if the face is not matched.

Safe Distance Warning


An event is recorded and uploaded into the cloud when the driver breaches the safe driving distance from the vehicle in front of them. Calibration by vehicle category and road characteristics requires only 10 minutes per vehicle.

Drowsy Driver Detection


The camera detects the eyelid aperture of the driver and determines whether the eye report ratio is within the personal mean, at an interval of 2.5 seconds. If the ratio is lower, a recording of the event is captured and in-cab alerts warn the driver.

Distracted Driving Detection


The camera's internal computer vision detects distracted driving habits such as cellphone use, texting, eating and more.     A distraction is logged when the       camera detects that a driver’s facial position/movement falls outside of           set parameters.




Special markers are installed on the seatbelt which allow computer vision algorithms to detect their presence in the field of view and determine whether or not the driver is wearing the seatbelt.




The feature eliminates the need for human evaluation, significantly cutting the margin of error. By collecting data from the accelerometer, the system can identify whether an event was a possible accident.

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